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Larry Bratcher played basketball for 10 years in 14 different countries and the constant during each stop was his basketball and nutrition.

To play professionally for that length of time, with the wear and tear on your body from a 9 or a 10 month season, nutrition and hydration plays an integral part in performance. Larry has tried many different products trying to find the best products to play at an optimal level.  

Some products work better than others but most had an awful taste or were only available in certain markets.

With the explosion of the internet, the accessibility should have gotten better; but it only increased the vast options of the supplement market adding ambiguity instead of clarity.

Finally, Larry has found an entire line of products that not only have the nutritional content needed for his intense training but are also great tasting, affordable and easily accessible. Larry was so impressed with this line that these are the only products that he fully endorses and supplies to his own clients.

Here is Larry’s actual supplementation regiment:

1. The Perfect Pack for your Health (includes: Double X multi-vitamin/multi-mineral, fruits and vegetables, Ocean Essential Omega3) and Glucosamine-7
2. Prior to workouts, Larry takes Nutrilite Rhodiola 110 and on his two-a-days he takes XS Energy Drink (favorite flavor: cran-grape)
3. During workouts, Larry drinks Perfect Empowered Drinking Water (Perfect Water)
4. Immediately following workouts Nutrilite Protein Shake (favorite flavor: chocolate fudge)
5.  During games, Larry drinks Nutrilite Sports Drink (favorite flavor: grape)
6. To avoid junk food throughout the day, Larry snacks with Nutrilite Energy Bars (favorite flavor: peanut butter pretzel)
7. Being on the road with training and camps, Larry may not be able to get a nutritious meal and in those cases he drinks a *Nutrilite Meal Replacement Shake (favorite flavor: chocolate)
*This can be added to your eating plan to insure you get the 5-6 meals per day needed for 
your body to run at its best.

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